Donald Trump: America’s Worst Mistake

Congratulations America…we did it! No we didn’t end world hunger, no we aren’t celebrating because we brought peace to Syria, we aren’t even celebrating the fact that we reversed Global Warming…no, we are celebrating electing a KKK backed fraud.

Last night as my heart raced and we as Americans collectively had mini heart attacks I was still confident that Hillary would prevail. My mind kept telling me there was no way that the American people would seriously vote for and want a president like Trump. A man who is openly and unapologetically a racist. He has talked about minorities in the worst of ways, said horrible things about women, lied, lied more, and kept lying…and yet, here we are.


This is still a question I am trying to answer. It leaves me disappointed in my countrymen and women. I did not believe we would choose a man like Trump over a women, who was, in every way, more qualified for the position. These next four years will be defining years for this country. We will either have disagreements that lead to a cataclysmic divide in this country or this will be the push we need to come together.

America has a bloody history when it comes to race. White America vs. everyone else. We see it time and time again in how the news is reported, the way cops deal with white criminals vs black criminals, to the way minorities are depicted in Hollywood.  America is a country founded by white people coming across the ocean, murdering the indigenous people, enslaving an entire race and then going on to drop nukes, start wars, and lead to the death of millions of people not only from our own military but to women and children across the world.

Lets make America great again…

Our greatness has and will always be our diversity. It will be the Korean mom taking her kids to soccer practice. The Sudanese restaurant owner that gives back to his community. The Pakistani doctor who provides free health care once a week. The Syrian refugee that will grow up in this country and invent a way to end world hunger. This diversity of thought, of religion, of background, culture and upbringing is our strength. Not fear, not bigotry, not racism.

White people, black people, brown people, all people…we make up this country. We decide the future of America. We can not let this stop us from coming together. The worst thing that we can do is let this further divide us. Our greatness is our people…it is you, it is me. America is already great, let’s make it greater!

Omar, blowing my trumpet of change