Is Makeup a Perversion of Reality?

When I was young I faced a schism between fantasy and reality. My malleable middle school brain saw “beautiful” faces on TV, in movies, and adorning magazines, which were in stark contrast with the faces I saw of those around me.

There was a disparage between people in the real world, and their famous, more “attractive” looking, counterparts.

This duality we live in is confusing. Why do women wear makeup and men don’t? (I know some men wear makeup but its a very small number)  How did makeup become not only a norm, but what seems to be a necessary right for women across the world? Women will say it empowers them, men say it entices them, I say its all a business.

To make this very clear, I am not saying women should not wear makeup, or that makeup is evil and those who wear it are *insert any negative comment*. My point, or rather my concern, is what happens when women keep getting subjected to maintaining this level of manufactured beauty.

Historians say that makeup dates back to ancient Egypt, but who and why it was invented is still uncertain.

In today’s society I believe that makeup and manufactured beauty in general is destroying our reality of what beauty actually is. A child who has no real construct of what beauty is can easily develop a false criterion of what makes people attractive. A child who is bombarded with actors and actresses with six pack abs, lucious lips, flawless faces, glowing skin and flowing hair, becomes uncertain about themselves and certain about what society deems “attractive”

Furthermore their is an aberration in the minds of men on how a women should look like. We see this at its extreme in the porn industry. Porn has mutilated what sexy is. Full body makeup makes women look flawless head to toe. Imagine a man who has watched porn for years before getting married, what kind of image will he hold in his mind of how his wife should look like? We see it again and again…the sexy young provocative high-heel wearing supermodel vs. your wife. This joke is played over and over again in Hollywood, by comedians, in television, and its a perversion from the truth. The truth being that the “sexy” young provocative high-heel wearing supermodel is a fake, and your wife is a real, nurturing, smart, beautiful women.

So what can be done? Do we ban makeup? Start hating on those who wear it? Absolutely NOT. In today’s wold we have to be accepting of others opinions, views, and ideals, while at the same time working for the good of society. There will always be women and men who wear makeup, and that’s fine. My point in this article is to highlight the extremes of this industry. The perversion of reality that occurs when makeup becomes the norm for women’s beauty. I believe there should be a push for natural beauty. There should be less caked on makeup wearing models adorning billboards and movie posters. Less jokes about wives being unattractive and ugly only for makeup to make them acceptable again. Less money spent on advertising that makes women look like objects to be desired. More parents telling their daughters they are beautiful. More husbands who look at their wives as supermodels. More women who are confident in how amazing they look. No more caked on makeup. No more fake you. No more perversion of beauty.

The Quran attaches a women’s beauty to their intellect. Both men and women are told to dress modestly. This is so an individuals ideas, their words, their actions, their character, defines who they are, how attractive they are. I believe that’s my point. That beauty is not made up, it can never be applied, it can’t be sprayed on or painted, beauty isn’t something you take off at night and put on again in the morning. Beauty is you…at your purest. Just your natural self, being, you.

I want to hear women’s thoughts on this. Why do you wear makeup? Like really, why? The deep, down, honest truth. Men, chime in as well…do you like makeup? Do you think it’s warping your image of what natural beauty is?

– Omar, hoping words will be enough



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