Mosque Vandalized: A Muslim’s Advice

I was raised in this community. I went to Sunday school at this very mosque. Met and made friends who, to this day, are my closest friends. This was the place where I first understood as a child what it means to have a sense of community. I was disheartened that Indiana, more specifically Plainfield, a town I have called my home since I was 10 years old would be a place where the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) would be vandalized. These spray painters showed us, in a physical way, how our unseen hatefull words make our world look so ugly. I feel sorry for them, and hope they will educate themselves and open their minds. 

I also know that this act is not representative of our Hoosiers. As much craziness is going on in this world, I know the good will always come out to defend and stand up against the bad. For every 1 uneducated spray painter, there are thousands of educated, caring, upstanding humans.