About Me

I am father to a beautiful two-year old daughter and husband to my best friend, the love of my life, my soul mate. My life has been through ups and downs. Being only 26 and have had the immense blessing

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Spoken Word Poetry

Music today has no depth, no meaning. It does not provoke thought or leave you with questions to reflect on, even though music is something most of us have plugged into our ears 24/7. My mission is to use my

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My blog holds all the various resources that have totally changed my life. After reading a great book, watching a informative lecture, or seeing an eye opening documentary I write an article summarizing my thoughts and point my readers to

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Social Media

Resources are such that they can not be confined to any one medium. I believe our greatest resource for learning and growing is through the various social media platforms. I utilize each to bring you positive content that will lead

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